Club Code


“To inspire pride, passion and accomplishment within the Meraloma Club”


The Meraloma Club sponsors and promotes organized athletic team sports at all levels. We foster goodwill, personal development, respect and sportsmanship among our members and the community. We affiliate with local, national and international organisations and leagues to enable our teams to compete at the highest levels desired. We achieve our goals by sound management of our club and facilities.

Code of Conduct in the Club

All members:

  • are required to conduct themselves in a manner that encourages a positive environment.
  • have equal right to be in the club facilities, without prejudice or discrimination.
  • will be held accountable for their actions, and the actions of non-members they bring to the club.
  • will adhere to club rules and policies without exception.
  • will do their part in ensuring that new members are welcomed.
  • must follow the Complaints/Suggestions Procedure posted in the Clubhouse.

The Clubhouse


  • Take care of the fields and the clubhouse
  • Treat our neighbours with respect
  • Leave quietly at all hours
  • Leave your sport footwear at the door
  • Keep your furry friends outside the clubhouse
  • Stay out of resident parking at all times
  • Leave no litter at any time
  • ‘Police’ others diplomatically whether they are members or not. If they are causing trouble, the club could be blamed.