Coaches & Other Support Positions

The Meraloma Club has a long established reputation for having the best coaches and coaching programs in the Greater Vancouver region.  The Club has produced coaches, managers and trainers that have lead Canada teams internationally; examples are Ian Birtwell (Rugby Canada coach and BC Hall of Fame) and Sheena Scott (Field Hockey manager Commonwealth Games) as well as recreational sport teams and junior and mini programs for kids.

The Club is committed to the continued development of our coaches, managers, trainers, and officials (umpires and referees). and invites all those interested to explore the opportunities available and earn the proper credentials to participate at all levels of your sport.  Also included under this banner is First Aid Training and Serving it Right for behind the bar staff.

The club and your sports sections can provide funding on a case-by-case basis to help you attain your various credentials and levels and you can speak with or contact your sports VP about eligible funding.  The club is looking to ensure that we promote, elevate and support our sports programs by ensuring that our coaches are properly accredited.

Please see the below resources if interested in further pursing your coaching levels for your prospective sport(s):

Take the next step in your coaching

6 step Return to Play guidelines following a concussion

The club officially would like to thank all the coaches and other volunteers and acknowledge them with their own page and the club plans to grow this page as initiatives develop into the future.

Interested in being a coach? Check out this fun interactive web intro (from

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