Lloyd Williams

Lloyd Williams Remembrance Day School Visit Nov 2016

November 3 2016
By Lindsay Causey

Today something very special happened in my grade one class. We had Lloyd Williams a World War 2 veteran and a much decorated one at that (He's kinda a big deal!) come visit us. He sat with us for a time and shared his memories of war. He told us of his life many years ago, when he was a young man of only 19 years old. About the 4 years he spent away from his home from 1940-1944, away from his family and friends, and his girlfriend Bette whom he would later marry. He shared about his time commanding a naval war ship, of coming up on the beaches of Normandy and losing 11 of his men, his friends and fellow soldiers, when they went down with the ship after a German U boat hit their boat with a torpedo, of sailing across to North Africa to drop off American troops to protect Algers, of a long and thrilling voyage around the Cape of Good Hope and then all the way back up to Sisley to help the allied troops take control of Italy, the slow fall of the German troops, the victory of wars end and the long journey home to Canada. My students were absolutely mesmerized and deeply humbled by Lloyds visit and although at 6 years old they couldn't quite fathom it all, a deep respect and appreciation stirred in their hearts. It was a visit they won't soon forget and one that will bring special meaning to Remembrance Day for many years to come. Thank you Lloyd Williams, Jane Williams.

(Note a Loma plaque was presented to Lloyd in Nov. 2015 for his service to club and country and sits in the clubhouse.  Other articles about Lloyds WWII service are available from various local news services.)

Loyd in the classroom

Loyd in the classroom