Club Awards Notice!

We will be announcing the Club premier Awards at the 95th, Sat May 12, 2018 (and foregoing the annual President's night).   Please nominate or let those hard-working volunteers and coaches know.  This is the club's annual recognition of their efforts. 

The eligible awards:

1) The R.D. Hayes Award for significant long-term contribution to the Club,

2) The Coach of the Year Award

3) Club Person of the Year

4) and the Bill Pitt Bursary (a great way to financially support a playing loma currently in BC post-secondary studies!).

The next executive meeting is Monday April 9th, 2018 so we'll need nominees by then.

Check out the website for further details on awards eligibility:  and/or contact your Sports VPs as well with your nominees.  Your sports VPs can help with nominee submissions to the Club Executive. Award nominations can be sent via their sports VP or emailed to [email protected]