Kits Gym Corporate Passes

Just a quick note to those of you re-habbing broken down ankles, knees and the like after a long hard season of sports (or just for general fitness!).  A one-month general Adult Pass is $48.48 (inc GST) but we get a Loma discount which makes it $36.37 (includes GST), not a bad discount.  This is for the one-month flexi pass good for all Parks board run gyms and Kits pool.  

They do want you to present Loma Member cards when applying for the pass (at Kits Gym - the other gyms wouldn't probably know of the deal).  We have some tucked away behind the clubhouse bar (open Tues/Thursday Nights) and Saturday days.  Just ask for one, and fill out name, sport and date on the back.  Each card has a cool retro look as well. Not sure what they were going to be used for but now they have a purpose.

See you at the gym?!