Something to Share

By Martin A. Gotel. Past Club President

On Tuesday 14th November 2017, a good friend Margaret Ray organized a lunch for a group of friends. Included with myself and my wife, were Marjorie Thodos, Mimi Pantages along with Lorna Baker and Keith Bosquet .

Marjorie Thodos and Mimi Pantages are the wives of the late Peter Thodos and Rod Pantages. Known in the CFL as the Golden Greeks. Both are BC Hall of Famers. Rod had previously been inducted and Peter was inducted at the BC Lions game in October 2017.

Peter Thodos scored the winning touchdown for Calgary when they won the Grey Cup in 1948. Both Gentlemen are featured in the Meraloma Club History book. I had the pleasure of gifting each lady with a Club history book. The ladies were extremely grateful to the Meraloma Club and thanked the Club. Having lunch with these lovely ladies and sharing their experiences was unforgettable. Hearing stories of their husbands was great.

The other lunch guests were Lorna Baker and Keith Bosquet. Lorna is the wife of the late Dick Baker regarded as one of the finest rugby referees in BC. Keith was a very good friend of the late Lloyd Williams. I had previously given each Lorna and Keith a copy of our Club History books. I would like to thank Gus Fumano, Doug Sturrock, Ed Murray and Barry Burnham for their kind words written in each of Marjorie's and Mim's books. 

Martin A. Gotel. Past Club President.

In the photos below that's Marjorie in the first photo and Mimi in the second.