Clubhouse History

In the 1930’s, we were granted the use of  Connaught Park, the current home of the Meraloma Club. The Club was utilizing the Connaught Park field house, along with the general public, into the 1970’s. With the growth of the Club at this time, the Executive Committee approached the Parks Board and secured an exclusive lease of the field house. In 1979, the club members then set about renovating and refurbishing the clubhouse as it is today. On June 6, 1981, the Heritage Committee of the City of Vancouver honoured the Meraloma Club with a Heritage Award ‘for an outstanding contribution to the Heritage quality and character of the City through restoration work undertaken at The Connaught Park Fieldhouse.’ Dave ‘Goose’ Frid decorated the interior with the collection of trophies, plaques, badges, team photographs and other historically significant paraphernalia the interior of the Clubhouse.